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Ollantaytambo & Hot Springs Town (Day 19)

We never do see those "hot springs"

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Monday June 28th

Today is our day of reward- we get real bathrooms, meals not served in below freezing temperatures, and we don’t have to walk more than 3 hours the whole day. We begin with a tour in Ollantaytambo with Alveda. We head to a massive temple-fortress built by the Incan Pachacutec beside the Plaza Manaraki. These ancient ruins were used as a lookout tower, and for worship and astronomical observation. After 200 steps to the top (Mom opts out of this one), we can see the whole town in perfect view.

Afterwards, we walk to the “bus station” and take a van to the “train station” right outside of Ollantaytambo—and we are off to Hot Springs Town to meet the rest of our group!

Hot Springs Town is the landing ground from basically everyone going to Machu Picchu. Once we get off the train an hour and half later, there are vendors selling woven goods everywhere (what a surprise! Llama and Alpaca gear everywhere!). We head to our hotel to drop off our stuff, before venturing out into the small town (similar to what a Peruvian ski resort would look and feel like) for lunch above their main square. Mom and I leisurely eat our meal on the balcony of the second floor and watch the people down below. One lady is sitting at a table, folding toilet paper into perfect little squares, and selling them to people going into the bathroom across the street. Another man is dressed from head to toe in a rainslicker and rain boots, and we are pretty sure he is a serial killer. Mom and I watch him creepily wander around the square with his cane for over an hour.

Is then finally time for hot showers and naps before our group arrives in the late afternoon. We all head to dinner in the town later on and recount our tales of hiking and camping.

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